Know About Mommy Makeover

A Mommy Makeover is a customized cosmetic treatment plan that brings a woman’s body back to normal after pregnancy. Mothers breast loose volume, they begin to sag and may require a breast lift combined with a breast augmentation to increase cup size and volume. Often times there is excess skin that appears like a kangaroo pouch and even with crazy exercise this stubborn area will not go away.mommies may require a tummy tuck with liposuction to contour and reshape their sexy bodies to where they feel confident and great about themselves again.

Why is it so popular?

Having a child is one of the most amazing things a woman can experience in her life. With pregnancy woman loose the shape and firmness of their pre-pregnancy bodies. So now they have their kids they still want to look good and feel good. Toronto mothers are busy and even with several good workouts a week results don’t always come easy. A mommy makeover can get a Toronto mother to the mountain so she can achieve the body of her dreams.

Breast implants and a tummy tuck can turn a Toronto mommy into a hot cougar!

How do you find a reputable plastic surgeon?

Do your research and homework. Ask for references. Make sure you are seeing a surgeon who is trained in the field of plastic surgery and not “cosmetic surgery”. A gynecologist, general MD, dentist are doing this stuff! It is scary and the reality is is you are playing Russian Roulette and putting your life at risk.

Should I choose a female plastic surgeon?

Not necessarily but Toronto woman plastic surgeons have been in your shoes and have had kids. You may bond closely with a female plastic surgeon. Remember it is all about the experience. Don’t shop this by price. You get what you pay for.