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There has been a historical decision in marijuana California on October nine, this year. The authority Jerry Brown has confirmed by signing a law of three papers that businesses which serve marijuana are not illegal if they maintain proper system. Well, it may sound a bit weird to understand unless you go into the detail of medical marijuana California system.

The medical marijuana California was always up to accept marijuana as a medical drug rather than something bad that kills life. Obviously, marijuana has its bad effects but medical marijuana California always said that marijuana can be good too. It can save life if applied properly and it looks like that their stories have been heard.

The whole policy for medical marijuana California will reshape because of this law. The state has already declared before that doctors can give marijuana to ill patients if required but the business part of this whole thing was not being handled properly. It looks like things are going to improve soon.

If you want to understand the whole thing in a simpler way then it is to tell you that marijuana will soon be considered as something like alcohol in California. At least, the authority is planning to do so with bills and laws. This current law is considered as a backup plan of November 2016 when California will officially declare that marijuana is a legal drug in California.More tips here: weed online

Currently, if you have marijuana worth to even less than an ounce, the law will sue you because of that as it is considered the same crime as drinking and driving. The police will immediately give you a ticket if they find marijuana in your car. Luckily, you won’t have to face this trouble once the law is official.

Recently, there was a survey done by PPIC where they asked people that whether marijuana should be legalized in California or not. Around fifty five percent of them said that marijuana should be legalized. Their main argument was interesting. These people said that marijuana is a life saving drug and those who take it as a bad thing are already taking it anyway. Government should stop those people from taking marijuana illegally by making it legal. In this wayFree Web Content, those drug businesses will diminish and people who actually need marijuana will be able to get it at a cheaper cost.