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In simple words, dentists are the doctors of oral health, and many people still believe that they should see a dentist only when they are in the severe tooth or gum pain. Most people still don’t make the visits to the dentists for the regular check-ups. On an average, it is advised to visit the dentist twice in a year, but it is not a standard that everyone should and can meet. There are a number of reasons, both emergency and regular that explain why and when one should see the dentist;

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The most obvious reason

The most obvious and the common reason to visit the dentist in northern Virginia is the oral discomfort which could be the pain in tooth or swelling in the gums. People with sensitivity tend to suffer severe pain. Similarly, swelled and puffy gums may be the symptom of gum diseases. Bleeding during regular brushing and flossing is cannot be ignored either.Have a look at dentist columbia sc for more info on this.

Post-treatment visits

There have been a number of dental treatments available for grooming and improving appearances such as small surgeries and teeth straightening for that perfect smile or the artificial dentures for decayed and the missing teeth. Such treatments need post-treatment appointments to ensure long-lasting results and proper healing after the procedures like filling and implants.

Pregnant women

Pregnancy, some with many changes in a woman’s body and hence an appointment with the dentist in northern Virginia during pregnancy, should not be missed. Issues like cavities, dry mouth, and bacterial problems may get worse during pregnancy and therefore need proper treatment.

Bite correction

This is the most ignored condition as people do not even understand that they have some kind of bite deformity. Sometimes the upper jaw and the lower jaw do not fit together and cause continuous grinding of teeth during eating and speaking. This sometimes causes difficulty in speaking and leads to social anxiety. Teeth also suffer major wear and tear which tends to cause early tooth decay or tooth damage.

After major surgeries

Is someone has gone through the emergency dental surgery after suffering a major accident, post-surgery check-ups become important to examine and ensure the recovery process. This is also required in case patient want to move further with some more treatments to improve their facial appearance which is sometimes damaged in the course of the accident or the surgery.

Uneven spots and sores in the mouth

If there are sores and spots in the mouth longer than normal, one must immediately see the dentist in northern Virginia. These spots and sores could be the symptom of infection from bacteria, virus, or fungus or maybe some kind of disease or disorder in the body. Sometimes, the interaction of ongoing medical treatments or irritation caused by braces and dental implants may also lead to these sores and spots in the